About the brand

The brand Prizma was first registered already in 2002. We chose the name Prizma, because it is a regular geometrical figure that symbolizes the precision, order and consequently the quality. Initially, the output produced with this brand contained antifreezes and coolants, but over time, the product range has increased. In 2014, the product range produced with this brand contains also the Premium class car oils, high quality car care sprays and other products ensuring the car care and exploitation. In manufacturing of the Prizma products, modern technologies and additives are used that guarantees the premium product quality. Evaluating high demands of customers, we have carefully chosen the best European manufacturers, which follow requirements of the quality system ISO. Quality control is carried out for each product to ensure full compliance with the standards.

In 2014, a range of technical fluids of the brand Prizma was enriched with several new product categories and individual products:

  1. Technical fluids - brake cleaner;
  2. Oils - Prizma Premium motor oils, Prizma Premium transmission oils;
  3. Windshield fluids - winter windshield fluids -12° C;
  4. Brake fluids - DOT 3;
  5. Pastes - hand cleaning paste;
  6. Car care products - car shampoo with wax, car maintenance sprays, car engine and wheel drives cleaner.

Based on the market development trends and major changes in the Prizma product range, improvements were made to the Prizma product packaging and label design. Evaluating offers of many of the best European technical product producers, reliable cooperation was established with many partners, whose manufactured products comply with the highest quality standards.

Our goal is a high quality product that meets needs of the most demanding customers.