Prizma product manufacturers have been for several years in the market, and within that period a great number of the product quality assurance tests have been performed. On a regular basis Prizma products are submitted for assessment conducted by the leading auto industry operators that have acknowledged the composition of the products, rating them as highly valuable and suitable for real life needs. Prizma products are manufactured in a number of leading European manufacturers, who are utilising high-performance source materials and advanced technologies. All Prizma manufacturing companies are certified according to ISO standards. The products are manufactured in accordance with the European Union recognised quality standards that enable be assured in Prizma product quality. Product testing and improvement are regularly carried out.

Based upon the experience of professionals and knowledge possessed by the leading chemists of the sector in cooperation with Prizma product manufacturers were established the chemical composition of the products, technical properties, and quality standards alike, not to mention the product packaging design. As a result, a compromise between high quality products and good sales price has been achieved.